The Passer By


 I am a sculptor and photographer living and working on Long Island, New York.  

  Figurative Landscapes is an ongoing body of work that deals with the relationship between humans and nature by using simple line, color and shape to represent the human form found in nature.   

  I start the process by taking observant hikes looking for potential candidates.  On these hikes I see many line/gesture drawings in the trees themselves.  These are actual living trees that are growing how you see them in the images. Once a suitable set of trees is found, I wrap them in property line marking tape.  This helps to define the figurative form and gives me an opportunity to add color and give form too the figure.   At this point they are photographed and collaged together in Photoshop with minimal color adjustment. The finished image is then digitally printed on archival paper.    

  My usual intention when photographing is to create the feeling of a drawing by having a blurry background and minimal crisp focus.  This also gives the work a whimsical and somewhat mysterious feel.  They could be considered landscapes and/or figurative works;  sculptures and/or photographs;  realistic and/or surreal.  This variety keeps me interested and hopefully helps to engage the viewer.   

  I continue to do this work because it allows me to explore the basic ideas of line, shape, color and form. I use common subject matter (landscape and the human figure) to explore these fundamental elements in a way I believe is both new and accessible.   My hope is that the viewer will bring their own ideas to the experience and see nature, and our intertwined relationship with it, in a new way.